Give me a “T’, give me an “O”…..

Give me an “L”! (Skip forward 30 seconds.) What’s that spell? Tolerance. It’s a big word. It has many meanings. Some of my favorites are:

1 – Toleration and tolerance are terms used in social, cultural and religious contexts to describe attitudes and practices that prohibit discrimination against those practices or group memberships that may be disapproved of by those in the majority.

2 – The ability to tolerate the beliefs or practices of others; the variation or deviation from a standard, the ability to endure pain or hardship; the ability of the body to resist the action of a poison.

We hear quite a bit in the Proposition 8 battle from the No on 8 crowd about tolerance. They cry “haters” and “be tolerant of our beliefs!’”.

Yet, in a twist that can only be believed in a Hollywood designed story, strangely, enough, the No on 8 rabble are not tolerant of people who believe that marriage is between one man and one woman. This week, on Sunday, Jose Nunez, a 37 year old immigrant from Mexico who just became a citizen 2 months ago, was attacked by a man who punched Jose in the face and yelled “What do you have against gays?” and then ran away with about 75 Yes on 8 signs.

Not a lot of tolerance going on there. Whatever happened to respect for each other ?

Jose was rushed to the hospital and has to take time off from his work to recover. Not much tolerance for a Hispanic Immigrant from the No on 8’ers.

Jose was asked what he wil do now and he replied;

“The other side wants to intimidate us, but we can’t stop standing up for traditional marriage. I may be bloody and bruised, but I’m not giving up. Protecting traditional marriage is just too important for our kids,” said Nunez, the father of three children, ages 9, 5, and 3. “I don’t want my kids taught in public school that same sex-marriage is the same as traditional marriage,”

Yes, this is a fiercely contested issue here in California – Proposition 8 is not just about Same Sex Marriage, Gay Marriage, Domestic Partner RIghts, or Civil Partnerships. No, in this issue, Proposition 8 is something that encompasses all people, whether Republican or Democrat, Independant, Liberal, Conservative, Green, Red Stater or Blue Man. It is truly about tolerating what 97% of Americans practice, which is marriage between a man and a woman. I support Proposition 8, stay tuned, there is much more to come.

Join the battle, vote Yes on 8!


One response to “Give me a “T’, give me an “O”…..

  1. I can hardly believe it’s come to this in our great state.

    The only way to protect this nation is to specify the obvious—marriage is between a man and a woman— on a national level. The voters will support it, the question is if our legislators will support it. The longer we wait on the issue though, the slimmer our chances get. Awareness is growing now. The backlash against the gay rights activists is heating up. Now is the time to move on it.

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