What Happened in Massachusetts Can Happen Here

There are quite a few news reports available which describe David Parker of Lexington, Massachusetts and the ordeal he underwent when he asked that the school notify him before instructing his elementary school children about same gender marriage. David emailed, called, and sent letters, all to no avail. He finally went to the school and stated he would refuse to leave until he received a promise that he and his wife would be notified before their children were to be taught this belief. David was arrested and prosecuted by the school and law enforcement.

Now, several schools in Massachusetts have held “How to Know I am Gay” seminars for students as part of “Transgender Bisexual Gay Lesbian Awareness Day,” in which the students had to sign confidentiality agreements that they would NOT tell their parents.

Think it can’t happen in California? It can and will if Prop 8 fails. Vote Yes on Prop 8. It’s not about whether Gay and Lesbian Partners can practice their beliefs, it is about defending and restoring the traditional meaning of marriage.

As a follow-up to David Parker’s story, he and his wife now home school their children. They took their case to the U.S. Supreme Court, which has refused to hear it on the grounds that their religious freedoms were not violated (in other words, it is OK for the school to teach this without parental notification). Officially, they were counseled by the Court of Appeals to use the “normal political processes for change in the town and state.”

We are now using our normal political processes – we are voting! Vote Yes on 8. Protect Marriage.


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