Where is the love?

Prop 8 supporters have been labeled as intolerant. We have been called bigots and haters. (If nothing else, we must admit the the No on 8 crowd certainly embraces all levels of grammar and literacy.)

So far, however, everyone (and yes, I do mean everyone) admits that the Yes on 8 supporters across the great State of California and all over our United States have been respectful, truthful and very loving. We do not take away from Gay RIghts, we are preserving what we believe is the definition of marriage. (Which, for all my Anti-8 friends, means we support the Constitution and the First Amendment.)

Sadly, we have seen nothing but hatred and persecution from the No on 8’rs. Assault (the Hispanic man in Modesto who was punched in the face), vandalism and threatening letters and phone calls. All of which, my dear Anti-8’rs, is against the law and can be punished by law enforcement officers.

From a purely human perspective, without going into the legal, moral or logical reasons for supporting Prop 8, these actions alone would cause any sane person to vote Yes on Prop 8.

Which leads me (through logic, my dear opponents) to believe that we will see many more of these attacks and actions up through election day. So, what can we do? (Besides wait patiently in the dark side of your yards with our 2nd Amendment at the ready?)

1 – Tomorrow, Tuesday, October 21 – we call on all California parents to pull their children from school to oppose the California Teachers’ Union donating One Million Dollars to the Anti-Crowd. This video from a California teacher poses a great question about this…

2 – Talk to your neighbor about Prop 8. Tell your elected officials and newspapers that you support Prop 8.

3 – If your property is vandalized, put a new one up while leaving the vanadlized one in place so that people can see who really is intolerant.


One response to “Where is the love?

  1. It’s hard to argue this point because it seems so obvious to me. If they are screaming stop the hatred you bleep bleep bleep, who is really hating and what others lies and deceptions are the No supporters hiding, makes you think. Keep up the great work and share some love over with us at http://www.proposition8info.blogspot.com together we are making a difference!
    YES ON 8!

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