Prop 8 – It Comes Down To This

Last night, I joined several dozen other Yes on 8 volunteers and made phone calls from a local business. When I arrived, I asked for the difficult calls and was given 2 sheets with all of the Undecided voters who were leaning No.

*Most of the the Volunteers were calling Yes Voters and reminding them to Vote Yes.

I asked for the “hard ones” because I felt very strongly that I could reach out to them and share my feelings as to why I am voting Yes on Prop 8. I did not want to argue with any of them, nor did I want to be mean spirited to them or “bash” them, as so many of the Anti-8 establishment is to us.

In two hours, I made 60 phone calls (it helps if you know that work in a phone based environment and work with people for a living). When I was done, I analyzed my work with the Precint leaders and clergy who were left (I was the last worker to leave – if you know me, you realize that I am a military vet, hard core, stand up for my rights, person).

Of those calls, 25% were not home and I left a 30 second Voicemail asking for their vote on Prop 8 (branding message). Another 25% refused to talk and hung up on me.

Now, normally, we would think that the “refuse to talk” are No votes. Based on their ages, I would say that at least half of them were not definite No votes, but rather those of the Boomer generation and WW2 generation who don’t want to share their vote. Why? Is it out of fear of reprisal? No wonder, given the amount of hatred and violence which the Anti-8 crwod is inflicting on California.

Another 25% listened to my message – I kept it to a 60 second “why I am voting Yes on 8” and then said OK, but didn’t want to talk more. They were polite, just not wanting to talk more. They could be either way voters.

The last 25% were divided into Yes voters, disconnected phone numbers and people who said call back later (dinner, leaving, etc.)

What does all this mean? It means that not one single person tried to abuse me on the phone. And I had asked for the hard core list. OK, possibly because I live in “normal” America, not the heart of San Francisco, this is what I got. But, here in Sacramento, I figured to hear some rhetoric about No on 8. Only one person really had any objection and she was confused about what could be taught in our schools.

Californians – we will not be mis-led by the falsehoods that are being spread. Marriage between a man and a woman does not take away anyone’s rights. We can, will and are standing up for our constitutional rights and are taking a legal, moral and religious stand for marriage.

Now is the time to dig in and fight. Talk to everyone who will listen about Prop 8. Flood newspapers with letters to the editor. Comment on You Tube and websites about why you believe in Prop 8. Work tirelessly for truth and right.

Marriage – One Man, One Woman.


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