Where Are The Gay People?

Something really odd is going on in the Proposition 8 race.  This is all about Gay Marriage, Marriage Between Two Gay Men or Two Lesbians.  Yet, in all of the ads that I have seen, there are no gay people voicing their opinion. 

This article in the LA Times shows the following:

Asked about the absence of gay couples, a senior “No on 8” official told KPIX-TV in San Francisco that “from all the knowledge that we have and research that we have, [those] are not the best images to move people.” Children, also, were missing; showing kids with same-sex parents could too easily backfire.

Why is this?  Is America really ready for Same Sex marriage?  This No on 8 official seems to think not.  I agree.  Vote Yes on Prop 8, Marriage should be between a Man and a Woman.


One response to “Where Are The Gay People?

  1. WOW!! You made an excellent point. I wish everyone would ask that same question about what’s really going on here??

    Here’s some more info. (your blog is AWESOME btw!!)

    How & Why Did France DENY Same Sex Couples Marriage?
    France Says Marriage Is Strictly Reserved For Heterosexual Couples!

    Why? The Answer Will Probably Surprise You!

    Please Read It & Place Your Vote With A Clear Conscious For YES! On Prop. 8… http://www.lifesitenews.com/ldn/2006_docs/Francesummary.pdf

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