Act of Hatred or Pure Evil?

I don’t often go to the Dark Side in my posts, but I feel that the actions I describe below are pure evil.  If you are easily offended, please do not read any further; instead wait for tomorrow’s post when I come back to the light.


Nadine Hansen is an ex-Mormon who lives in Cedar City, Utah.  She is 61 years old and is an opponent of Proposition 8.  Nadine has been an opponent of the Mormon Church for most of her adult life and has voiced her feelings at conferences and symposiums.

Nadine’s current obsession is the individual contributors to the Yes on 8 campaign.  She has created a website which lists every person who has contributed to Prop 8 and she is trying to “mark” each person as Mormon or Not Mormon.  She has teamed up with another group who are asking for people to volunteer information on any donor so that they can use this information to discredit the Yes on 8 campaign.  Now, all of her data has come from public records, which is not illegal.  However, it is extremely unethical to target a specific group of people and I am very concerned that Nadine and the groups she is aligned with may connect with some of the individuals who have been vandalizing and harassing Yes on 8 supporters.

Why isn’t Nadine doing this to Catholics?  Or Jewish supporters?  Or Islamic? 

OK, I guess this is all fair play.   So, here is Nadine’s picture.

She is a lawyer in Cedar City, Utah, and her law office is at :

6621 W 1100 N Cedar City, UT 84720.

I don’t see Yes on 8 Supporters targeting people based on their religion, so this is just one more example of the intolerance and true agenda of the No on 8 group.

I’ll be back with more truth tomorrow.


One response to “Act of Hatred or Pure Evil?

  1. Wow. Thanks for this info. Keep up the good work!

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