A Social Science View of Same Sex Marriage

My thanks to Abby Earth for this info and link.  A new study out from Dr Laura Haynes illustrates some very deep concerns for same sex families.  One excerpt is:

Some say it does not matter who is loving children as long as they are
loved. I saw a resume written by a male homosexual couple seeking a
birthmother to give her baby to them to adopt. The heading was, “Your Child
Will Have Two Loving Dads.” An unspoken consequence was, “Your Child
Will Be Motherless.” It is hard to imagine the experience of a child who never
had a mother or never had a father. Some psychotherapists who treat children
of same sex couples are reporting that the children do long for the gendered
parent they do not have.

How can two mothers, no matter how well they may parent, welcome a
son into the deep bonding fellowship of men, give him a parent who has both a
masculine soul and a masculine body integrated in one person with whom he
can identify, show him how to be a man, give him a primary male parent in his
family daily with whom to grow up and form a lifelong loving bond? How can
two men provide comparable for a girl? 

The full article is here:


Vote Yes on Prop 8!


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