As Fast As You Take Them Down….

We are furiously battling to keep marriage defined – between a man and a woman.  Calling thousands of voters, putting up hundreds of signs, blogging and posting all night long. 

Here in Sacramento, we have had many encounters with the No on 8 crowd, some of which are getting more aggressive.  We have put them up and as we walk back to our cars, they run to take them down. Unfortunately for some of the No on 8 supporters, we have the law on our side and they have been video’d, had their pictures taken and been arrested.

This battle against Gay Marriage is just that, a battle.  We have even named our streets that we post signs on – Route Irish (yes, taken from Bagdad), T-Route, Route Fox.   

We have the moral high ground and we stand for our convictions. To echo the National sentiment right now, we have gained the momentum and we will win. 

Join us and fight for Traditional Marriage.  Vote Yes on 8!


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