But, I Don’t Want To Marry Party A!

Thanks to Abby Earth for linking this great video.  With all the negativity that is spewing forth from the Haters (No on 8’rs), we need a little break.  I can only imagine John Cleese and Graham Chapman playing  the parts  of the pastor and the woman trying to enforce the Party A and Party B law.

Enjoy and vote Yes on Prop 8!


One response to “But, I Don’t Want To Marry Party A!

  1. prop8discussion

    thanks for the post! and the video

    Lots of people talk about the rights that will be denied homosexual couples if this doesn’t pass. this is a misinformed argument.

    There is a good (and short) post about it here:


    it’s also “children have a right to a mom and a dad week” on my blog. i would love comments and participation.


    yes on prop 8!

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