We Can Disagree About Gay Marriage

One of the great modern science fiction writers is Orson Scott Card.  While he is best known for Ender’s Game, I find his short story collection called “The Folk of the Fringe” to be my favorite so far.  Are we ever going to enter his post-apocalyptic world?  I don’t know.

What I do know is that his views on tolerance surrounding Gay and Lesbian Marriage is right on track with my own beliefsBusy with Conviction posts this excerpt (among others) which describes what tolerance is:

…Tolerance implies disagreement — it means that even though we don’t agree with or approve of each others beliefs or actions, we can still live together amicably. When we agree, we aren’t being tolerant, we’re being uniform…

…We do not think that any belief system, whether it calls itself a religion or not, should be imposed on other people by law — we won’t impose ours on them, and we won’t let them impose theirs on us or our families…

…Instead, we believe that as long as we are citizens of a free country, changes in the laws and institutions of our society should be made only by common consent, after a free and candid discussion…

I encourage you to read the entire post and follow it through to the original.  Tolerance for Gay Rights does not mean supporting Gay Marriage.  Stand up for your rights, Vote Yes on Prop 8!


One response to “We Can Disagree About Gay Marriage

  1. You have some very strong points here and I’d love to see you join this online debate. Come make your voice and opinions heard.


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