Prop 8 Polls Are Tied, However, Most People Support Traditional Marriage

The latest polls show Prop 8 (Marriage Between a Man and a Woman) tied neck and neck between the Yes on 8 supporters and No on 8 crowd.

Many polls substantiate that most (meaning more than 50%) of Americans still define marriage as between a Man and a Woman. The San Francisco Chronicle (of all papers) issued this nugget:

Sixty-five percent of likely voters agreed that traditional marriage is “one of the cornerstones of the country’s Judeo-Christian heritage” and 50 percent agreed that Prop. 8 restores the institution of traditional marriage without taking domestic partnership rights from gay or lesbian couples.

Now is the time to make your voice heard. Talk to your friends and colleagues. Get your neighbors and go wave a sign on a street.

Stand up, Vote Yes on Prop 8!


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