1.1 Million Undecided Voters on Prop 8

According to the California Secretary of State, there are over 17 million voters now registered in California.  Good job Citizens!

According to the latest polls, Yes on 8 is now trailing by only 4 points.  We have come back from double digits in just a few weeks.

We are going door to door to 3 million houses this morning to reach the undecided voters. 

Please do all you can to talk to undecided voters about your feelings about Prop 8.  We need every vote.

Vote Yes on Prop 8.


One response to “1.1 Million Undecided Voters on Prop 8

  1. I hope you never ever experience the pain of losing someone in your life because of suicide. I hope you never know the pain of seeing someone so hopeless and so uninspired to continue breathing, that they just didn’t anymore. I hope you always know that you CAN be a great servant of God and God does not want you to judge, that’s his job. I hope you realize that hate bills like prop 8 will affect many teens questioning suicide because they too, want to feel like a normal human being. I pray that you see light in your heart and stop judging others so much. God did not want you to spread hate, but you may never see it that way. Your blog caused me great sadness and it reminded me again for a few minutes why my dear friend George killed himself, because he will never be accepted by the self-titled moral Christian right.

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