Media Missing The Boat Again On Prop 8

If you haven’t caught on in the mast decade or so, the Main Stream Media has leaned heavily to the left not only in politics, but also social and moral values.

They appear to have leaned so far now that they have fallen over.  Local news everywhere shows tight clips of No on 8 Supporters (which then appears as though there are huge Obamaniacs crowds), while ignoring the miles and miles of Yes on 8 supporters.

Thanks to the Internet, we can see, hear and share what is really happening. From sunny Southern California to rainy Northern California, supporters of Traditional Marriage are pouring into the streets in massive numbers to Protect Marriage.

Local News Stations – here’s a big hint – Gay RIghts are not being taken away and this is not a Civil Rights issue.  It’s about the meaning of life

Stay the course, Vote Yes on 8!


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