News Flash – There Is A Gay Agenda!

What causes people to “be gay?”  Are they born Gay?  Do they learn Gay Behavior?  I don’t believe that any one really knows or understands Same Sex attraction.  Personally, I don’t know what causes a man to be attracted physically to another man. 

For years, we have heard the cry from Gays and Lesbians that the world should be tolerant of them.  We should accept their beliefs and leave them alone.  Now, with the Election tomorrow and Prop 8 (Traditional Marriage) as THE vote in California, we keep hearing that Gay Marriage and Gay Lifestyle won’t be taught in schools.

My thanks to Hedgehog who posted this summary based on the video below:

1 – Can there be any doubt that the public schools are already teaching kindergartners about gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender issues? That is clearly what is going in the Hayward district, with the assistance of the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, whose name appears on the pledge card the little boy signed.

2. Is there any doubt that such education is taking place without parental consent, as is authorized by Education Code Section 51933, discussed in my post below?

3. Does anyone doubt that if “marriage” is redefined as including same-sex unions, schools will, in accordance with that same statute, also teach the very youngest children that same-sex marriage is equal to a marriage between a man and a woman?

4. Does anyone doubt that parents will have nothing to say about that, and that the organizations pushing for such education want it that way?

There is a Gay Agenda and you have the chance to stop it.  Vote Yes on Prop 8.


2 responses to “News Flash – There Is A Gay Agenda!


    Thank you for all you’ve done to help rescue marriage, and protect our children’s innocence. May God Bless, Abby & Friends.

  2. First off, seems my christian brothers and sisters have forget some basic beliefs with regard to this issue. Living is San Francisco might make a person more tolerant of diverse life stlyes whether that be gay, ethnic or relgion it is a diverse city. I hasn’t made me less christian and the basic beliefs I was taught as a child in Sunday School. Do unto others as you would have others do unto you and Judge not least you be Judged. Have we forgotten this teachings? The claim of a gay agenda, as a parent that pays close attention to what my kids are taught and the quality of their education, I can tell everyone that marriage, gay, straight or otherwise is not taught in my school district. Keep the faith we all learned back in our childhood, stop distorting the facts.

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