No on 8 Attacks Mormon Church Again?

Tomorrow, the No on 8 thugs are releasing an ad which is, quite frankly, an attack on the Mormon (LDS) church.  The ad shows two men dressed as Mormon missionaries entering a house occupied by two lesbians, taking their wedding rings, trashing their house and gloating while tearing up their marriage license.

If  this ad showed Jewish Rabbis, Catholic Priests, African American Baptists or Muslim Imams doing this, the No on 8 group would immediately be prosecuted and possibly arrested for hate crimes. 

This comes from the group that claims Yes on 8 is intolerant of their views.

OK, Diane Feinstein, Gavin Newsom and Jack O’ Connell…now is your time to stand up for ALL Californians and make this ad stop.

Or, are you supportive of this ad? 

Your call.

For Californians, what side seems intolerant?

Vote Yes on 8


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