The Battle Continues…

So, we are now 4 days after the Election and the No on 8 crowd has painted their true colors onto the streets of Los Angeles, San Francisco and other cities around California. 

Now, the are targeting The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (the Mormons) for its members donating time and money to defend their religious beliefs.

In addition, they have attacked (verbally only this time, thank goodness) the Black and Hispanic community for supporting Prop 8 in overwhelming numbers, stating that the Black and Hispanic voters betrayed the Gay and Lesbian moevment by voting for Obama (small surprise, they were happy to vote for the first Black President!), but then they also voted for families and moral values.

Well, they can march and scream all they want to, it’s their right.  But, 5.4 million Californians also have their rights, which they exercised by voting. 

We expect more hate crimes to be perpetrated by the No on 8 group, as they target people for their race and religion.  We have an answer for them – Tolerance.  And we also have police in our great state…as some have already found out.

Thanks for passing Prop 8!


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