Gay and Lesbians Harass Elderly Woman…On Video

We are now one week after the election.  Prop 8 has passed, protecting Marriage Between and Man and a Woman.  The Gay and Lesbian group immediately has sued to invalidate Prop 8 (in depth coverage here).

Meanwhile, as the legal systems and processes continue the battle over Gay Marriage (which, regardless of what we believe, is the legal right of the Gay and Lesbian 2.9% population), a mob of Gay Men threaten and harass an elderly lady, all caught on tape by the local news in Palm Springs.

Way to go, homosexual men!  You show that you are really tolerant! Maybe you should try that with some one your own size and age and see what happens.  My thinking is that you won’t be as brave.

But that goes along with everything we already know.  This will get uglier, so stay tuned as we stand together for truth and defending our rights.


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