Gay Agenda – We’re Not Stopping Until….

The Will of the People. That phrase used to mean something.  Actually, it still does outside the People’s Republic of California.  However, inside our great state, we (the people) have now voted twice to define marriage as between a man and a woman.

To the Gay and Lesbian Activists, this means nothing.  They have launched legal and physical attacks on Prop 8 supporters, churches and ethnic groups.

They will not stopped until they have reached their goals.  What are those goals?  Look east to Massachusetts to see what they want to happen in California.

However, we have 5 million plus Californians and many times that across America that will not sit idly by while they push their agenda.  You have awoken a sleeping giant and we won’t stand idly by.

Get ready!


One response to “Gay Agenda – We’re Not Stopping Until….

  1. ivoteyesonprop8

    Great post. I will be interesting to see what happens. The opposition is definitely pushing their agenda and it’s getting kind of irritating 🙂

    They didn’t bother to get an amendment of their own on the ballot. Now they perfectly content to call the Yes on 8 supporters intolerant.

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