Hundreds of Gays Join Mormon Church

Supposedly, in many LDS (Mormon) congregations across the country, Gay and Lesbian Activists will attend church today.    Somehow, I don’t think they want to get closer to a Supreme Being. 

We’ll see if they pull a Michigan again and they Bash Back against religion.  Is William Ayres their mentor?


3 responses to “Hundreds of Gays Join Mormon Church

  1. Hi – no protesters in our meetings…too bad. My son spoke and did a fine job, maybe the Spirit would have touched a hard heart.

  2. Is William Ayres their mentor?

    No, ACT-UP!

  3. Actually since all these protests our chapel has been filled before the passing of sacrament. That is unusual for us. We usually fill up after sacrament has been passed. In fact, we seem to be getting more Blacks in our ward as well. There will be a baptism taking place next week. So keep it up angry and hostile gay folks, you are saving more souls then you will ever know. Your bigotry is the best missionary tool we could hope for. Who knew?

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