Boycott? Then Why Are People Lined Up Out The Door

The Gay and Lesbian Militia has declared all out war on anyone who has contributed to Yes on Prop 8.  That’s the side that wanted to keep marriage between a Man and a Woman.  You know, the way that babies are made.  The way that ensures the continuation of society.

One of the ones that has been ‘”targeted” is Leatherby’s Family Creamery and Ice Cream Store in Sacramento.  The news showed a clip of 4 or 5 protestors people on the street giving away (hold the laughter here) Rainbow Sherbert (where’s Jesse?) and “informing people about what happened.”

I had to laugh because although the news tried to hide it, there was plainly a line of people out the door and down the walk waiting to get into the store.

They then interviewed the owner who said people were driving from up to an hour away to come support their stance on Marriage Between a Man and a Woman.

How’s that boycott working out for you, Gay folks?

By the way, if you are in Sacramento and want to go support Leatherby’s, the address is:

2333 Arden Way Ste A
Sacramento, CA 95825

Their phone is (916) 920-8382 – give them a call and say you support them.

Warning to my would-be Gay Terrorist friends.  Don’t call and harass them, it’s a crime and all phone calls can be traced.  Which, the FBI does hand in hand with AT&T. Which gave money to No on 8.

Funny how that works.


One response to “Boycott? Then Why Are People Lined Up Out The Door

  1. californiacrusader

    Friends of mine went to El Coyote over the weekend and had a similar experience – no protestors, but a packed restaurant. The manager said they have had new patrons from all over Southern California eating at El Coyote specifically to counter the gay protest.

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