If Prop 8 Was Voted On Today…

The backlash against religious groups, churches and minorities is staggering. The Gay Militia is hate mongering left and….well, only left, no right.   As a result, the pendulum seems to be swinging more to the….ahem, right.  The San Francisco Chronicle hosted this poll which asked if Mormons are being unfairly targeted for their support of Prop 8.  87% say Yes, they are being targeted unfairly.  Wow!  Deep in the heart of liberalism, common sense and cool heads prevail?

Maybe so, after all, the SF voters also gave a resounding No!! on Measure K (legalizing Prositution) at 59% voting against it. 

I’m thinking that if Prop 8 were to go to the polls today,  the Gay movement may find itself back in 1970.  Good work, guys!



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