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The Face of Al-Gayda

p8h81Let’s be perfectly clear here.  Do not mistake Al-Gayda (aka Liberal, Left Wing, Militant Homosexual Arm of the Gay and Lesbian Movement) with Al-Qaeda (Middle Eastern Terrorist Group Hunted by the US Military and Jack Bauer).  If the two groups ever met, the middle easterners would destroy the flame boys in about 60 seconds.

However, since the Department of Homeland Security has not yet decided whether to prosecute Al-Gayda for faux acts of terrorism, the face of Tolerance continues. 

Get used to it, folks, these creatures will not stop until they have reached their agenda.


Election Eve…Prop 8 Support Burns Strong

prop-8-nov-3It’s Election Eve and the Yes on 8 Supporters have gathered in many places to show unity.

I have video coming soon, it should be up tonight.

By the way, we heard 20 to 30 honks from cars and waves / thumbs up for every middle finger (the No on 8 salute).

Tomorrow, vote Yes on Prop 8.

African American Leaders Support Prop 8, All But One

So…….last week, several dozen African American religious leaders gathered to support Prop 8.  All told, they represent over 1,000 congregations and 3 million African American and Latino parishioners.

Led by Apostle Frederick K.C. Price of the Crenshaw Christian Center in Los Angeles, they stand united in leading African American churches in the battle against Gay Marriage.

Dr. Beverly “Vam” Crawford, Senior Pastor of Bible Enrichment Fellowship Int’l Church stated:

“we must do what is right and stand for our children. We cannot afford to let this affect our babies in our schools.”

Now, Alice Huffman, the President of the California NAACP, is endorsing No on 8.  What the heck happened?  Well, what happened was that her company, A C Public Affairs, was paid $200,000 by No on 8.

Kind of a disconnect, don’t you think?

Stand with those who have fought for civil rights, the Black religious leaders in California.  Vote Yes on 8.