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No Soup For You!

Families Values Are Still StrongOK, Gay-mongers, you have had your turn.  You are upset that our Religious nation (yeah, look it up, it is still landslidingly conservative when it comes to moral standards in every poll!) voted to keep marriage the way God intended it to be.  You held hands in the streets, you assaulted some old ladies and you urinated on Christian teens singing in the streets.

We have had enough!  And we are standing up to you.  Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, all of us!  We are sick and tired of your queer lifestyle being forced on us.  And we are not going to take it any more!

The tide has turned and good people are now standing up for truth and right. And for the record, Jack Black, your musical number was horrendous.  Even a 5th grader understands the concept of the Old Testament being  fulfilled by Christ’s coming.

Go ahead and stay home next week on Gay Sick Day.   You won’t be missed.