No Soup For You!

Families Values Are Still StrongOK, Gay-mongers, you have had your turn.  You are upset that our Religious nation (yeah, look it up, it is still landslidingly conservative when it comes to moral standards in every poll!) voted to keep marriage the way God intended it to be.  You held hands in the streets, you assaulted some old ladies and you urinated on Christian teens singing in the streets.

We have had enough!  And we are standing up to you.  Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, all of us!  We are sick and tired of your queer lifestyle being forced on us.  And we are not going to take it any more!

The tide has turned and good people are now standing up for truth and right. And for the record, Jack Black, your musical number was horrendous.  Even a 5th grader understands the concept of the Old Testament being  fulfilled by Christ’s coming.

Go ahead and stay home next week on Gay Sick Day.   You won’t be missed.


New hampshire – Live Free or Protest

The ink is not yet dry on the certified returns from California’s Prop 8 election (oh wait, did they actually get certified? I was busy trying to make sure my local church wasn’t burned down by al-Gayda and Gavin Newsom’s cronies in the Castro district), and alread New Hampshire’s Jim Splaine is going to try and push through a Gay Marriage Bill.

He faces a tough fight as the rest of the U.S. has gotten an eyeful (and profanity laced earful) from the Gay Activists who won’t stop bullying the 97% of people who aren’t Gay.

Luckily for the 97% (do we really count?), there is a grass roots effort which is mobilizing to combat this.

Stay tuned…..more to come….

The First Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving A Time For Peace Nearly 400 years ago, the pilgims and indians sat down together to enjoy the fall harvest.  As we now sit down together all across the country, it would be good to give thanks for what we have.

We have freedoms that no other country enjoys.  We have liberties beyond the hope of many peoples in times past.  We have the rights that many, many civilizations never could dream of.

I call on all people today to put aside their differences and enjoy today as a day of Thanksgiving.

We Say Thanksgiving, Why Not Merry Christmas?

As people conversed today at my work, many a “Happy Thanksgiving” was given and returned.  A scant few people I know do not celebrate Thanksgiving in any way, and all of them are from other countries where it is not a Holiday. 

That is OK (if I were them, I would gladly celebrate any holiday that gave me an opportunity to share time with family AND have a huge feast, but I understand and support their decisions).

So, I was thinking, why is it OK for us to say “Happy Thanksgiving” but in 30 days, not “Merry Christmas”?

It is Political Correctness, yes, I know that.  But why?  Christians founded this country and we celebrate that holiday (which comes from the words “holy day”).  Why did a war get declared on Christianity by the Thought Police.  Not OK in my book.

So, I decided a few years ago that I would say “Merry Christmas” and if someone told me they were Jewish, I would say “Happy Hanukkah” and if they are something else wish them that as well.

So, have a Happy Thanksgiving and next month, I will be wishing you a Merry Christmas.

The Face of Al-Gayda

p8h81Let’s be perfectly clear here.  Do not mistake Al-Gayda (aka Liberal, Left Wing, Militant Homosexual Arm of the Gay and Lesbian Movement) with Al-Qaeda (Middle Eastern Terrorist Group Hunted by the US Military and Jack Bauer).  If the two groups ever met, the middle easterners would destroy the flame boys in about 60 seconds.

However, since the Department of Homeland Security has not yet decided whether to prosecute Al-Gayda for faux acts of terrorism, the face of Tolerance continues. 

Get used to it, folks, these creatures will not stop until they have reached their agenda.

No More Mr. Nice Gay?

Since Prop 8 passed, Homosexual Activists have taken to the streets, chanting slogans like “No on Hate” and waving signs that proclaim “Love”.  This video shows how tolerant they really are as a group of Gay Men chase a group of Christian teenagers from the Castro District in San Fransisco.

Caution – there is foul language in this.

You can read an account of one of the kids here (it’s very graphic)

Have A Helping Of Group Marriage With Your Gay Lifestyle

There is a rarely seen story out about a poor Gay woman in Fresno, California who was asked to resign from her post as PTO president when she spoke out against the Catholic Church that ran her son’s school.

The hate-mongers that troll message boards and post expletive comments have descended like vultures to compare this woman’s plight to Scott Eckern who was run out of town on a rail when Gay Folk found out that he gave $1000 to support Yes on 8.

Hmmm….not the same.

What is really being missed here is the fact that Robin McGehee (she is the Gay ex-PTO president) is in a committed relationship not only her Gay Lover and Friend, Kathy Adams, but also two men!

In case you missed it….there are FOUR people in this “marriage”.

Remember that discussion about how Gay Marriage is the slippery slope of weirdness, perverseness and, well, other things we all shudder to think about?

It’s here.  Gay Marriage, Polygamy, Polyandry, Pedophilia, Necrophilia, Group Marriage, Open Relationships, the list goes on….

If you want to read the whole story go here for the real deal and here for the media version.